Dr. Kendra Devor, Psy.D.
 (949) 357 0794
Lic. #Psy28397
About Dr. Kendra Devor
I work with individuals, couples and families, helping them to restore hope, find solutions and transform their lives. I believe that through therapy you can learn to reconnect with your spouse and children in a peaceful and constructive way. 

I believe it is important to provide a therapeutic environment that is compassionate and challenging where you can explore your personal potential. You will find me energetic and empathetic, using humor and clarity to explore your life's situation.
I use integrative psychotherapies that have been researched and proven to alleviate symptoms related to various life disturbances that create trauma. Trauma is not only the obvious that comes to mind like war, but is experienced when we lose loved ones (death,divorce, separation); when we feel betrayed by those we love; and many other stresses of life. Unfortunately, we are not in control of how our mind as react to these experiences.

Naturally, people go through many experiences that can create very uncomfortable symptoms such as anxiety and/or depression. Some of these experiences being too hard to comprehend and process on their own. Therapy does not do away with the information stored within the brain or delete the event from the memory, rather, it reduces the emotional charge that accompanies the distressing episode. I have many therapeutic tools, but I find EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) has the most significant results.